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Animate your mouse cursor movements in Windows 7 ("pointer trails")

Pointer Trails: animate your cursor movements on screen in Windows 7 The previous tutorial explained how to make your cursor larger and easier to see while it is "at rest"; but Windows 7 also includes an option that makes your mouse pointer easier to see on screen while it is in motion, regardless of the cursor size you are using. Microsoft calls this feature "Pointer Trails", and it leaves a configurable phantom trail of cursors when as you move it on screen - and it looks like the screenshot displayed on the left.


Turn on / enable Pointer Trails in Windows 7

Follow these steps to show an animated trail behind your cursor: note that you can try this feature to see if you like it, and if it helps you locate your mouse pointer on screen, and you will then be able to keep the setting or keep using your mouse as normal, without pointer trails.

You now know how to turn on or off the pointer trails option in Windows 7: the setting takes effect immediately, so you can enable and disable this feature as you see fit!

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