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Use a custom cursor file (*.CUR or *.ANI) for pointer schemes / themes in Windows 7

Customize a mouse pointer scheme (cursor theme) in Windows 7 As explained in the previous tutorial, Windows 7 lets you customize and change your cursor scheme (mouse pointers) - but in addition to the 13 point schemes that comes with Windows 7 (and the ones you can download and install on your computer), you can also customize a pre-existing scheme to use some cursors of your choice instead of the ones that come by default with the selected theme or mouse pointer scheme.


Customize individual cursors in a mouse pointer scheme

Follow these steps to choose other cursor files for a mouse pointer scheme in Windows 7:

Note: Standard cursor files end with the ".CUR" file extension; files you find in the Cursors folder, which end with an ".ANI" extension are actually "animated cursor files" - just like the default Windows 7 waiting pointer (the spinning orb), these have some kind of looped animation built into the cursor - avoid using animated pointers if you are using a netbook or underpowered computer (these consume more resources than the standard, non-animated / static cursors).

Remember that you have customized your own, saved mouse pointer scheme: you can go back and choose one of the original Windows 7 cursor themes, which were left untouched.

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