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Rename or delete a cursor scheme in Windows 7 (custom mouse pointers themes)

As you now know from a previous tutorial, you can save your own mouse pointer schemes; once you have chosen a name for your cursor theme, you cannot rename it from the Mouse Properties dialog, but you can work around this limitation in a simple way. in this tutorial, we will explain how to rename or delete mouse pointer schemes for both beginners and advanced users.


Rename and delete mouse pointer schemes in Windows 7 (the easy way)

Here is a simple way to delete or rename custom cursor themes:

The next section of this tutorial will explain how to do the same thing through the Windows registry.

Rename / delete cursor themes through the Windows 7 registry (advanced)

As you may know from our backup / export mouse pointer schemes tutorial, Windows 7 stores your custom cursor themes inside the registry, not in files under your profile.

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