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Change the number of lines your mouse wheel scrolls up/down in Windows 7

Customize horizontal and vertical scrolling wheel mouse settings in Windows 7 Even the most modest mice that ship with new computers now include a scroll wheel, a very convenient alternative to having to click and drag the scrollbars in web pages, documents, images, etc. By default, Windows 7 will scroll three lines of text for each increment of the wheel (vertical scrolling). For a mouse that supports horizontal scrolling, a nudge sideways will scroll left or right three characters at a time. But did you know that you can customize the number of lines a mouse wheel motion can scroll? The same holds true for horizontal scrolling, and this tutorial explains how to customize these settings in Windows 7.


Change how many lines your mouse wheel will scroll 

Follow these steps to configure the number of lines / characters your mouse wheel will move:

Note: Windows 7 will display the horizontal mouse wheel settings even if your mouse doesn't support them; for "regular" scrolling, you need only worry about the vertical scroll option.

Customize the mouse wheel settings for sideways tilts (horizontal scrolling)

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