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Change cursor blink rate in Windows 7 / Prevent insertion point from blinking

By default, in all recent versions of Windows, your insertion point blinks when you are inside an editable-text field like this one: (click in it to test your current cursor blink rate). Windows 7 lets you customize your cursor's blink rate, not only to make it faster (blink more often) or slower (more time elapsed between each "blink"), but it even lets you turn off the blinking altogether.

Blinking cursor / text insertion point in Windows 7


Customize or turn off your cursor's blink rate

This is how you change your insertion point's blink rate in Windows 7:

Note: while the overwhelming majority of programs on Windows 7 will respect your cursor blink rate settings, there are some exceptions; the Apple Safari browser, for example, will blink its insertion point when you are inside a text field on a web page, even if you have chosen to prevent your cursor from blinking by set your Windows blink rate to "None".

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