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How to test and preview a cursor (mouse pointer) in Windows 7

As we explained in previous tutorials, Windows 7 lets you customize your cursors (mouse pointer schemes) with a great degree of flexibility, even allowing you to use custom cursor files. But how do you test or preview a cursor file in Windows 7? As you will see, Windows 7 actually includes this very functionality built right into the cursor picker dialog, the one you use when you decide to select another cursor file (.CUR or .ANI) for the mouse pointer theme you are customizing.


Preview a cursor file in Windows 7

Follow these steps to preview the appearance of a particular cursor file:

Test a cursor file

The steps explained above show you how to preview any cursor file you want (statics cursors with the .CUR file extension, or animated mouse pointers with the .ANI extension).

To actually test the cursor, just select it in the dialog, and click on the "Apply" button, and this particular cursor will be used in the case you selected (for an immediate test, you should use this cursor file for the standard mouse pointer, which Windows 7 displays pretty much all the time).

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