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Customize / change mouse pointer (cursor) scheme / theme in Windows 7

Cursors schemes (mouse pointers themes) in Windows 7 Windows 7 comes with a default set of cursors (mouse pointers), and the "Windows Aero" scheme (a "scheme" is a theme for cursors) enabled by default; there are 13 pointer schemes included with Microsoft' latest operating system, including a "None" scheme / theme, the most basic scheme that requires the least amount of system resources (ideal for netbooks or underpowered laptops / PCs, for example). This tutorial will explain how to customize and change your current mouse pointer scheme in Windows 7; later tutorials will show you how to save and customize your own cursor schemes.


Change cursor theme in Windows 7

Follow these steps to switch to another mouse pointer scheme for your computer:

This is all it takes to change cursors in Windows 7! You can try out any mouse pointer scheme for a few days, to find the one that best matches the Windows theme you are using, and change to another set of cursors when you get tired of it! As we'll explain in a later Windows 7 tutorial, you can also customize a mouse pointer scheme to use your own cursor files, and even download cursors from the internet and use them in your (customized) Windows cursors schemes.

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