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Make your text insertion point (blinking cursor) thicker or thinner in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a very thin text insertion point (blinking cursor) by default, set to about one pixel in width (the smallest width available to a computer, just a "dot" in width, in essence). But, just like you can customize your cursor's blink rate, you can also change the width of the insertion point - anywhere between 1 pixel wide to 20 pixels wide, a 9-pixel insertion point being reminiscent of old computer terminals (still visible at many malls across the nation in text-only cashier's checkouts).


Set the thickness of the blinking cursor in Windows 7

Follow these steps to make your text insertion point thinner or thicker:

Tip: while the majority of programs in Windows 7 will respect your wider / narrower blinking cursor insertion point settings, like Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer, some applications (like Apple's Safari browser for Windows) use their own blinking cursor style and width, regardless of your settings - again, those that ignore your cursor thickness are in the minority.

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