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Change the double-click speed of your mouse button in Windows 7

When you first install Windows 7 on your computer, or purchase a new PC with Windows 7 preferences-installed on it, your mouse's double-click speed is set to its default, which suits most people: not too fast to the point of becoming difficult, and not too slow to the point of accidentally registering two regular clicks as a double-click. But Windows 7 also lets you customize the double-click speed of your mouse (change how quickly you need to click on the mouse button to create a double-click).


Customize your double-click in Windows 7

Follow these steps to change and test a different double-click rate for your mouse:

Changing your double-click speed is not only easy to do, but the new speed takes effect immediately - this means that you can pick a double-click speed and spend some time using it, and return to the Mouse Properties as explained above to change it back, or make it faster / slower.

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