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Show or hide the shadow under the cursor (mouse pointer) in Windows 7

Mouse pointer cursor with or without shadow in Windows 7 Most of the mouse pointer schemes that come with Windows 7 includes the option to display a shadow underneath each cursor: but this is actually not tied to the mouse pointer scheme itself: it is one of the appearance customization Windows 7 offers. So, you can show or hide the shadow under your mouse pointers regardless of the cursor scheme you are using.


Hide the mouse pointer shadow in Windows 7

Follow these steps to remove the shadow from under your cursors: 

Show shadows under your cursors

To re-enable shadows under your mouse pointers in Windows 7, just follow the steps described above; but this time, check the "Enable pointer shadow" checkbox and click OK. Windows 7 will immediately resume showing a shadow under your cursors! (No need to logoff or restart your computer.)

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