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Where are cursors stored? Location of mouse pointers folder in Windows 7

Windows 7 Cursor folder As we saw in a previous tutorial, Windows 7 lets you customize your cursor scheme to use any standard Windows cursors, but also your own mouse pointer files if you wanted to. But what if you wanted to store all your cursors in the same location? The best place to store this mouse pointer files would be the "Windows Cursors Folder", which already exists, and is used by Windows 7, and by default, to store all cursor that are installed on your computer.


Where is the cursor folder in Windows 7?

Follow these steps to locate and open the Windows cursor folder, which contains all mouse pointers:

Tip: if you are trying to locate and open the Windows 7 cursor folder from the start menu, make sure not to type a final backslash after the word "Cursors", otherwise the start menu will start displaying the content of that folder (in this case, a lot of ".CUR" and ".ANI" cursor files).

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