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Windows 7 networking and File Sharing

Network and file sharing is easier in Windows 7 than it was in any earlier version of Windows - our tutorials will take you from the most basic level, where you setup a home network and HomeGroup, to safely joining and protecting a wireless network to connect to the internet or access network printers and remote file storage (useful to backup your files from one side of your house to another room where another computer resides), etc.

Much of the focus on Windows 7 networking and file sharing will be on home users and small offices, with relatively easy networks in place, for less than 20-30 computers, which do not require sophisticated authentication mechanism, for example. You will nonetheless learn all the basics of Windows networking, how to work with mixed network (wireless or wired), which include older computers with other versions of Windows, or even Mac and Linux computers and laptops.


Once you get over the initial fear of the unknown, a home network (especially wireless) will quickly become your best friend: once you have gotten into the habit of moving files over the network without having to plugin cables and external drives, getting internet access even in rooms that do not have a router on the wall (and much more), it will be difficult to imagine you ever lived without networking your PCs!

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