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Copy a shared file or folder from the local network to your computer in Windows 7

Depending on how folders and files are shared on your local network (HomeGroup), you may not be able to edit them: the user who controls the network can set different permissions for shared files: people can just open them and view their content, edit them and save changes, or has Full Control over them. If you need to edit a file on your computer, either because it is safer and faster, or because the shared file's permissions don't allow you to make changes to the file, you can create a exact copy of files on the network and use them on your computer.


Edit network shared files by copying them to your computer

Follow these steps to make a local copy of a shared file on your network or HomeGroup:

Keep in mind that you now have two separate copies of each of the file you copied on your computer: this means that if you need to update the copy of these files on the shared drive / folder, you will need to copy them back or move them from your PC onto the network location.

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