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Change the wireless network password in Windows 7 (Network security key)

When you first add and setup a wireless network in Windows 7, you will have to enter a password, or "network security key", if the wireless connection is "secure" - some "unsecure" wireless networks do not require any password at all, like the complimentary internet access you get at public places like Starbucks. While this is a very convenient setup, it is also the least ideal, from a safety standpoint. In this tutorial, we will show you how to change the password of your wireless connection from your computer (in other words, not change the security keys on the wireless router's side, but change your own password that your desktop PC or laptop supplies when it tries to access the internet).


Update your wireless password in Windows 7

First, you need to make sure that your wireless radio is turned on, so that you can see the networks in range; then, proceed as follows:

Once you have updated your wireless password inside the Network security key text field, click on the OK button to save your new settings and close the properties dialog!

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