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Make Windows 7 automatically re-connect to a wireless network

Automatically join a wireless network in Windows 7 When you first setup and add a wireless connection for your computer (desktop PC or laptop), Windows 7 will let you choose whether it should automatically reconnected to that wireless network when it is available ("in range"), or not. Fortunately, this is a setting you can configure at any point after the fact. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make Windows 7 automatically connect to a particular wireless connection, in just a few clicks, so that you no longer have to manually specify every time which wireless network to join.


Automatically join wireless networks in Windows 7

Follow these steps to make Windows 7 reconnect by default to a particular wireless connection:

From this point on, whenever you turn on Windows 7 or reboot your computer, or awake it from a sleep state, your desktop PC or laptop will automatically try to find this network - if it finds it, it will connect to it without any intervention on your part!

Caution: There are two typical cases where Windows 7 will not automatically reconnect to a wireless connection of your choice. The first is simply that you have disabled your wireless network adapter (advanced topic) or physically turned off the wireless radio on your machine (laptops have a wireless on-off switch somewhere on their case, make sure that you didn't accidentally disabled wireless). Another reason is simply that the router that broadcasts the availability of this particular wireless network is either turned off itself, or out of range (too far for your desktop / laptop to see).

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