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Disconnect from a wireless network in Windows 7

One of the easiest way to save on battery life is to turn off wireless on your desktop computer or laptop, but Windows 7 also lets you disconnect from a wireless network without actually disabling your wireless radio itself; if you want to use another network instead, there is also a better way: switch to another wireless network in Windows 7. In this tutorial, we will show you how to disconnect from a wireless network - since, especially in a public setting, wireless makes your PC more vulnerable to attacks, disconnecting wireless when you don't need it is actually a good idea, from a security standpoint.


How to disconnect a wireless connection in Windows 7

This is how you keep wireless on, but disconnect from the network in question:

Windows 7 Tip: the "wireless network disconnected" icon shown a couple of screenshots ago is different from the "no wireless signal" icon, pictured below. The difference between the two scenarios is that in the first, your wireless radio is turned on, but is not connected to any network at the moment; in the second case, your wireless chip is turned off altogether.

Wireless radio turned off and disabled in Windows 7

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