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Disconnect from network and turn off wireless connection in Windows 7

Once you have configured Windows 7 to automatically connect to a wireless network, it will do so whenever you boot or restart your computer (desktop PC or laptop), or when you wake up your machine from a sleep state. If (for example to save on battery life) you choose to work offline, there are a couple of ways in which you can disconnect from the internet: one is to do that at the hardware level, namely by turning off your wireless radio (your laptop typically has such a switch somewhere on its case), or do the same thing with the firmware that ships with your PC, which lets you do that with the click of a button, as shown below with the utility that ships with ThinkPad laptops. Another way is to manually disconnect from the current wireless connection, as we'll explain in this tutorial.

Manually disconnect and turn off wireless internet on your ThinkPad laptop


Disconnect a wireless connection in Windows 7

Follow these simple steps to manually turn off a connection:

Tip: you can also prevent Windows 7 from automatically connecting to a wireless network.

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