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Share drives, folders and files on the local network in Windows 7

Share a folder or drive over the network in Windows 7 One of the most practical use to having a wired or wireless network in your house or office (or HomeGroup) is the ability to share entire drives, folders, and files over the local network. This means that you no longer have to physically connect the computer to an external drive to backup files or copy them onto another computer. In this tutorial, we will explain how to share a drive, a folder, and all the files it contains.


Share an (external) drive / folder over the local network with Windows 7

In this portion of the tutorial, we'll show you how to share an external drive so that it is visible and accessible to all other computers on the network. But the process is exactly the same if you want to share a hard drive that is inside your computer, or to share a folder.

Follow these steps to share a drive or folder on the local network:

Note: network users do not have to be using Windows 7, they can be on Windows Vista or Windows XP, even on a Mac if you have setup a Mac/Windows local network. The next tutorial explains how to edit the file permissions of shared files / folders.

Tip: you can tell right away if a drive is currently shared in Windows 7, because it will have a user group icon displayed on top of its own icon, circled inside the screenshot below:

Shared drive icon in Windows 7

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