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View available wireless networks in range in Windows 7

Whether you are currently connected to a wireless network or not, you can at any point view all the "networks in range" - in other words, all the available wireless connections your Windows 7 computer (desktop PC or laptop) is able to "catch" through your wireless radio (the network adapter and hardware inside your machine, which allows you to use wireless internet). In this tutorial, we will show you how to find a wireless network, how to gage their signal strength, if you have a choice of networks you can use (with a few words of caution), and why you might not be able to see a particular network.


Detect all wireless connections in range

This is how you find wireless networks in the area in Windows 7:

Windows 7 Tip: why can't I see my wireless network? The most common reason for which the wireless network you are looking for may not be visible (assuming that the router is turned on and that you have not disabled the wireless radio or network adapter of your computer), is that the network is configured not to broadcast its name / SSID to other computers. This is just a safety measure - talk to your system administrator or the person in charge of setting up wireless internet in your house / company / dorm, etc.

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