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Always show the wireless network icon in your Windows 7 taskbar

The wireless network icon you see inside the Windows 7 taskbar is quite useful, since it gives you one-click access to all kinds of information concerning your connection, wireless networks in range, their signal strength, etc. But depending on your current settings, this wireless icon may be automatically hidden from the "notification area" of the taskbar (formerly known as "system tray"). But as you'll learn in this tutorial, Windows 7 lets you easily change this option, and always show the wireless network icon in your taskbar!


Automatically display the wireless network icon in the taskbar

This is how you force Windows 7 to show that icon at all times:

From this point on, Windows 7 will show the wireless icon in your taskbar all the time; if you change your mind, and want to keep it hidden, just follow the same steps, but this time choose to "Hide icon and notifications", which makes Windows 7 keep that icon hidden from view at all times!

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