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Check the security and encryption type of a wireless connection in Windows 7

It is sometimes necessarily to wirelessly connect to the internet using an "unsecured" network, for example when you are using a wireless connection offered to patrons either at the public library, Starbucks, etc. But when you have control over the connection you will use to go online, you should always use the highest security offered by your router and supported by both your operating system (Windows 7 or otherwise), and your hardware (desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, etc.) This tutorial explains how to check the security you are using and figure out the type of wireless encryption.


Get wireless network security information for your desktop computer / laptop

We are assuming that you are currently connected to the wireless network whose security and encryption level you want to check. Let's now follow these steps:

Now that you know the security type and encryption algorithm your Windows 7 computer uses, click on the Cancel button to close the Wireless Network Properties dialog without making any changes.

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