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Map as drive a shared drive or folder on your local network in Windows 7

You can use the Windows 7 "Map Drive" feature (also available in earlier versions of the Windows operating system like Vista or XP) to make it faster and easier to access network drives and shared folders: in essence, Windows will treat these remote locations as though they were additional hard drives on your computer. This means that they will automatically show up in your drive listing, saving you the hassle of having to -every time- manually browse your network to access shared files.


Map as drive a shared folder, drive, or network computer on HomeGroup

Follow these steps to map as drive a network location:

Note: keep in mind that once you map it as a drive (which can be undone -or "unmapped"- later on), you will not be able to access the "parent folder" of the folder you are mapping as a drive - but you will still be able to manually access that folder's parent folder by browsing the network manually, instead of using the mapped drive.

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