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Show your games on the start menu in Windows 7 (as a button or submenu)

Whenever you install a computer came on Windows 7, it will automatically stored inside the games folder unless you manually choose to do otherwise. This means that the easiest way to access any of your games is to look of the content of the "Games folder" (the system folder windows seven uses to store shortcuts to games). While there are several ways in which can access your games from the start menu, the easiest is to display your games as a submenu. In this tutorial will explain how to do that but also how to this play games "button", or link, on your start menu.


Display the games menu on your start menu

This is how you show the Games button or menu on your start menu in Windows 7:

Open the Games folder from the start menu Tip: to open the games folder inside Windows Explorer, right-click on the Games button on the start menu, and choose "Open".

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