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Hide Games from the start menu in Windows 7

Navigate the start menu to the Games folder Short of completely uninstalling Games from Windows 7, the Windows games are easily available from the start menu: either by going to All Programs, and choosing the Games folder (screenshot on left), or by typing the name of one of these games inside the start menu's search field (screenshot below). In this tutorial, we will show you how to hide the games from the start menu without actually removing the games themselves from your computer. Note that this is not a bulletproof approach, since anyone tech savvy will know to go directly to the "Program Files" folder and access Windows Games from there. But hiding the games from the global start menu (all users) will make it more difficult to access them to the so-called "average user".

Access games by typing in the Windows 7 start menu


Remove the Games folder shortcut form the start menu

Follow these steps to hide this folder from all users:

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