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Make the start menu use large icons or small icons in Windows 7

By default, the start menu in Windows 7 uses large icons: this means that on the one hand, icons are easier to see (which is a godsend if you use a high screen resolution), but also that the start menu will be able to display less icons than if you were to use the small icons setting. In this tutorial, we will explain how to switch between small icons and large icons in the Windows 7 start menu.


Using small icons on the start menu in Windows 7

Follow these steps to make the start menu use small icons:

Click on your start menu to open it and see the icon size change for yourself. Notice that the small icons are the same size as the programs and files you have the under the "All Programs" submenu - so small icons should feel familiar.

Customize the start menu to use large icons

Making Windows 7 using large icons for the start menu has just as easy:

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