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Hide or show / add Devices and Printers on the start menu in Windows 7

All external hard where you plugged into your computer is indexed by Windows 7. This is why even if you unplug the printer, and plug it a few months later, windows will still have all the drivers for that printer. In fact, you will vary around the needs to manually add a printer or the device in Windows 7: the "plug-n-play" feature means that Windows 7 ships with plenty of common drivers so that you don't have to manually install them. In this tutorial, we will explain how to show or hide devices and printers from your start menu. This is the fastest way to access your device and printer's properties.


Add the devices and printers to the start menu

Follow these steps to show printers and devices on your start menu:

Tip: To hide devices and printers from the start menu, just follow the steps outlined above, and uncheck the "Devices and Printers" checkbox this time, and Windows 7 will remove that button from the start menu when you apply these new settings.

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