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Add a program to your start menu in Windows 7 (pin programs)

After you install a program in Windows 7, it will automatically be added to your start menu. This means that when you open the start menu, that particular application will be listed under the all programs submenu. If, however, this is a program you use regularly, there is a better way to open it: one way is to pin it to the taskbar, and another way is to pin it to the start menu. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add a program to the start menu by pinning it - not a final action, as you'll see in the next tutorial that explains how to unpin programs from the start menu.


Pin programs to the start menu

Follow these steps to pin a program to your start menu in Windows 7:

Tip: The quickest way to open a program you have pinned to the start menu is to use one hand to press the Windows logo key on your keyboard, and use the mouse to click on the program after the start menu has opened. (This works whether you are left-handed or right-handed, since most PC (non-laptop) keyboards come with two Windows keys.)

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