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Add a shortcut to the desktop (or other user folders) on the Windows 7 start menu

 This start menu is the portion of Windows 7 that allows you to open programs, files, folders, etc. It also lets you search for content on your computer, making it the perfect tool to launch or find anything you have stored on your PC. In this tutorial, we will explain how to place a shortcut to the desktop, or a shortcut to any other folder, on your start menu. This makes the start menu even more powerful, because you will no longer have to start typing the name of the folders you want to open; instead, you will just needs to click on them after showing the start menu.


Add a shortcut to a folder on your start menu

Follow these simple steps to add a shortcut to the desktop or another folder on your start menu:

That's all it takes to add a shortcut to the desktop or shortcut to another folder on your start menu in Windows 7. Notes that if you have problems adding the folder from the Windows Explorer address bar, you can also drag the folder to the start menu using the content pane (that displays icons of the content of the selected folder).

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