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Hide or show the "Run" command on the start menu in Windows 7

Since as long as we can remember, the run command has been part of Windows and its start menu. This remains true for Windows 7, except that the Run command (or Run button) is no longer displayed on the start menu by default. You can still show the run command through the start menu settings; in addition, you can always open the Run dialog by pressing the keyboard shortcut of "Windows+R" (in other words, hold down the Windows logo key on your keyboard, and press "R").


Show the Run button on the start menu

This is how you display the Run button on your start menu: (add the Run command to the Windows 7 start menu so that you don't have to use the corresponding keyboard shortcut instead)

Hide the Run button from the start menu

Take the opposite steps to hide it after you have added the Run button to your start menu:

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