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Show or hide recent files and documents from the start menu in Windows 7

By default, Windows 7 will keep track of the files and documents you open, and display a list of them on the start menu. This allows you quick access to files you have recently edited, and let you access them with a few clicks from the start menu, without having to first open the application (Microsoft Word, Excel…) Windows 7 also lets you customize how many a recent files should be displayed (and kept track of) on the start menu. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to show or hide the recent files, and explain how to customize the number of files to show on taskbar jump lists. Note that Windows 7 controls as a group whether to show recent files or not, both on start menu and taskbar (in other words, it either shows your recent documents on both, or on neither).


Show or hide recent files on the start menu

Follow these steps to display or hide recent files:

This is all it takes to show or hide recent files from the start menu, and customize the number of recent files to display in the taskbar!

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