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Customize, restore, or change the icon of a folder in Windows 7

Default folder icon in Windows 7 Windows 7 uses by default the image of a semi-open paper folder as icon for folders, and special folders (like the system sounds folder) use their own icon. But you can also customize most folders' icon to a picture of your choice, including using a program's icon for a folder. You can change folder icons multiple times, and we will also show you how to restore the original folder icon.


Customize or change folder icons

Windows 7 icons for folders Follow these steps to customize the icon of a folder:

Tip: You may have noticed in the custom folder icon dialog a "Browse" button. This button lets you browse your computer for "*.ICO" files (the Windows icon file format, among others), and pick one of your own pictures as folder icon.

Use the icon of a program for a folder

Windows 7 also allows you to use programs as folder icons: this means that (for example), you could use iTunes' icon for a folder that contains multimedia files (something we do). It allows you to quickly locate a folder among many subfolders thanks to its custom icon.

To use a program's icon for one of your folders, follow these simple steps:

Restore a folder's original icon

Finally, you may want to restore your folder's original icon at any point:

This is how easily you can customize, change, or restore folder icons in Windows 7!

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