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Rename my computer in Windows 7

When you first install and run Windows 7, you will be prompted for a name for your computer; the name you pick does not matter much until you decide to setup a network (wired or wireless) of which your Windows 7 computer will take part. When you join a network, your computer name will be visible by all, and should therefore be descriptive (and ideally non-offensive!) In this tutorial, we will explain how to rename your computer in Windows 7 (change the name of "My Computer" mostly to be used and seen on your home network).


Change the name of your computer in Windows 7

Windows 7's new start menu makes most administrative tasks a breeze; what used to be buried inside menus and submenus inside the Control Panel can now be accessed with a few keystrokes, from the start menu's search field. Follow these steps to rename your computer:

The next time you logon to Windows, after having restarted your computer, it will use its new name.

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