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Add a shortcut to a folder on the Windows 7 desktop

Whenever you need frequent access to a folder in Windows 7, the easiest way is either to create a link to it in your "Favorites" location in Windows Explorer, or to add a shortcut to it on the desktop. In this tutorial, we will show you three ways to quickly add shortcuts to folders on your desktop.


Place any folder as a desktop shortcut

Here's the most intuitive way to proceed: (which also works in previous versions of Windows).

Both techniques achieve exactly the same effect, but here's yet another trick you can use:

Creating shortcuts through the Send To menu

Finally, Windows 7 offers another way to make a shortcut to a file or folder by using the "Send To" menu. Simply right-click on any file or folder, regardless of its location, and choose "Send To" from the context menu; then, choose "Desktop".

Note: your desktop should by default be displayed inside the Send To menu; if this is not the case, stay tuned for a later tutorial that will explain how to add or remove locations from the Send To menu! (Hint: type "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo" in the start menu!)

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