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Count the number of files currently selected in Windows 7 / Vista / XP

Count the number of files you have selected in Windows 7 Whenever you open a folder in Windows 7, Windows Explorer provides a lot of information about the current folder's content, as well as the selection of files you may have at any given point. As shown on the screenshot, one of these pieces of information is the number of files inside the current folder, displayed at the bottom of the window (see how to count all files inside a folder, the "7 items" only reflects the number of "top level" files). In this tutorial, we will explain how to count the number of files you have currently selected.


Get the total number of files selected

Follow these steps to count how many files are selected:

Note: while this tutorial was written with Windows 7, it also applies to Windows Vista and Windows XP: the difference, in XP for example, is that you may see a status bar at the bottom of the Windows Explorer window, instead of an information bar like Windows 7.

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