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Count the total number of files in multiple folders (Windows 7 / Vista / XP)

Count the number of files you have selected in Windows 7 The previous tutorial explained how to count the number of selected files in Windows Explorer; in this tutorial, you will learn how to count the number of files contained inside multiple folders. When you open any folder in Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Windows Explorer will display some information about the folder inside the status bar or information bar at the bottom of its window. This includes, among other things, the number of "top-level" files inside that folder (files that are not contained inside sub-folders), as shown above.


How many files are inside several folders you have selected?

Follow these steps to count the number of files that are inside a group of selected folders:

Tip: instead of right-clicking on the selected files to get their properties (and number), just hit the Alt+Enter keyboard shortcut - make sure that you are holding down the Alt key, otherwise Windows will try to open all the selected files!

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