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Rename a folder in Windows 7 + Change the name of multiple folders at once

Whenever you create a new folder in Windows 7, it can later be renamed. In fact, with a few exceptions discussed in this tutorial, you can rename any folder on your computer. Windows 7 even lets you rename multiple folders at once, which is a useful renaming strategy to show a relationship between several folders. Finally, we will explain a few cases in which you will have problems renaming folders, and tell you how to work around the issue.


Rename a folder in Windows 7

There are several ways to rename a folder in Windows 7:

Rename a folder through its Properties in Windows 7 It is also possible to rename a folder from its properties window: right-click on the a folder or subfolder, and choose "Properties".

On the "General" tab, type another name for the folder, as shown on the screenshot, and click OK to apply the change. This is particularly useful when you are making other changes to the folder's settings.

Windows 7 keeps track of some of the changes you make on your PC, folder renaming being one of them. This means that in most cases, you will be able to undo a folder rename operation, and revert to the original name by hitting Ctrl+Z on your keyboard, or right-clicking and choosing "Rename" from the context menu.

Change the names of multiple folders (at once)

Windows 7 also lets you easily rename multiple folders at once:

Tip: you can use this method not only to rename multiple folders at once, but also to rename several files at the same time. Since there are other concerns involved when renaming multiple files, this will be covered in another tutorial.

Renaming problem: I cannot change the name of a folder

Finally, here is what you can expect when trying to rename folders that cannot be renamed:

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