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Change your user name in Windows 7 (Rename your profile)

When you first run Windows 7, you have to choose a name for the primary account (Administrator); whenever you add Windows users, you also have to choose a display name for their profiles. But what if you want to change a Windows profile's name later on? Fortunately, this is not only possible, but quite easy. This tutorial will explain how to rename a profile (change the user's name) in Windows 7.


Rename a Windows profile in Windows 7

Follow these steps to rename a Windows profile (yours or someone else's).

And this is how you rename a profile in Windows 7, or change the name of another user account.

Depending on how some software operates (e.g., if they rely on your current Windows user name), you may face a few warning messages when you first use them - but this is very unlikely. Most software accesses your preference files "anonymously", and is indifferent to your actual Windows profile name.

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