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Switch to Classic Theme in Windows 7 (Turn off Aero effects)

Although Windows 7 comes with the "Aero theme" enabled by default, it still includes the "Classic Theme" that was the default theme in Windows 2000, and was still available in Windows XP and Windows Vista (the major difference with Windows 7 is that switching to the Classic Theme will no longer change the start menu itself). Aside from satisfying your nostalgia for the old days of computing, the Classic Theme has a major advantage over Aero, especially for underpowered laptops/desktops, and netbooks: it consumes much less resources (mainly graphic memory) than the rich experience Aero provides; and you can even strip down the Classic Theme to turn off all visual effects to make your Windows 7 computer even faster - things like disabling menu animations, animated minimize and maximize actions, etc.


Turn off Aero and use the Classic Theme in Windows 7

Follow these steps to switch back to the Classic Theme:

Note: As mentioned in an earlier tutorial, switching to the Classic Theme in Windows 7 will enable or disable some feature found (or not) in the Aero theme; once such feature, for example, is your transparency settings, which are not available for the Classic Theme.

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