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Install a theme in Windows 7

The previous tutorial explained how to download themes for Windows 7: in this tutorial, you will learn how to install a theme on your computer, after you have downloaded it, or copied it from another location. Unlike traditional programs or desktop gadgets, themes do not come with a built-in installer, so you may be a bit confused as to what to do with a theme file you want to use!


Install a new theme on your Windows 7 computer

Follow these steps to install and apply a theme from a file:

Caution, before you continue: whenever you change themes or install a new theme (that will automatically be applied), some of your previous settings may be lost. Windows 7 stores more than just a glass appearance with a theme, so you should -if needed- save your current theme before installing new themes on your computer.

Note: if you like only some portions of the theme you just installed, you can change what you don't like, and then save the variation as a new theme. And once you have customized it, you may even be able to delete the original (keep in mind that some themes include special files, like desktop wallpapers, so make sure that uninstalling the original theme won't remove files you are using for your current theme!)

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