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Change font smoothing anti-aliasing options in Windows 7 (Adjust ClearType text settings)

While font smoothing and anti-aliasing have not been introduced in Windows 7, not only has this feature been considerably fine-tuned, but Windows 7 actually includes a new, re-designed and much more intuitive system to let you pick the best font smoothing ("ClearType", as Microsoft calls it) option for your computer and monitor; as you'll see in this tutorial, each step you follow when you customize your anti-aliasing settings includes multiple previews of variants using the same text and font. This allows you to truly find and pick the best text for your display and graphics card.


Adjust your ClearType font smoothing settings in Windows 7

Follow these steps to customize your text anti-aliasing settings:

This is all it takes to customize and fine-tune your ClearType font smoothing and anti-aliasing settings in Windows 7; the process is quickly and easy, and should be re-run whenever you change some configuration options on your graphics card or monitor, or switch some piece of related hardware.

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