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Change the colors of windows / start menu / taskbar in Windows 7 (Aero theme)

Windows 7 comes with a default "Aero" theme that is mostly blue, but you can customize it to use any color you like; in fact, you can configure these window color settings in a much more advanced way (but still simple to do), by changing components of the colors you want to use. You don't need to know anything about color theory, because you are able to preview in real time what each color slider does. Changing these colors will affect the "glass" edges of program windows, the taskbar, and the start menu, to give you a consistent look.


Change your Aero colors in Windows 7

Follow these steps to access the color settings for windows, taskbar, and start menu:

Tip: click on the "Show color slider" button to see all four color sliders, then click on any of the 16 color swatches at the top: this will visually explain how Microsoft made their built-in color swatches, and help you understand more quickly how the whole thing works!

Note: as you'll discover when you click on some of the color swatches, and experiment yourself, your actual opacity / transparency settings are directly affected by the color combinations you pick. As you'll discover in a later Windows 7 tutorial, you can save your color mixes as themes.

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