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Turn off / Disable the Windows Startup sound in Windows 7

By default, Windows 7 will play a sounds when it boots (when your computer starts or restarts) - this is called the "Windows Startup Sound", and has been around back since a few older versions of Windows. In this tutorial, we will explain how to turn off, or disable, the startup sound in Windows 7. It only takes a few clicks, and means that your PC will be totally silent when you turn it on, without having to mute or turn off your speakers. Moreover, disabling your Windows Startup Sound can be done individually, without having to turn off any of your computer's other system sounds! We'll also explain how to restore the startup sound, and make Windows 7 play it back again when your PC restarts.


Mute or remove the Windows 7 Startup Sound

Follow these steps to turn it off temporarily: you can restore the startup sound anytime you want!

Restore the Startup Sound in Windows 7

If you decide that you want the Windows Startup back on your computer, just follow the steps explained above, but this time, check the "Play Windows Startup Sound" checkbox and click OK. The change is saved immediately, and turns back on this sound for the next time you reboot your PC!

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