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Show menus on the correct side of the screen (right of mouse cursor) in Windows 7

In some cases, you may find that your menus or displayed on the wrong side of the screen in Windows 7: this is a feature of tablet computing, where in their normal position, the menus would actually show up under your hand. In a standard computer, this makes a menu appear on the wrong side of the mouse cursor (left side). So, if you're right handed, the best position of the menus is on the left, which looks strange if you're not using Windows 7 on a tablet PC. In this tutorial, we'll explain how to change the side on which the menus show up, and restore the menus to the right.


Reset your menu position in Windows 7

Follow these steps to put a menu back on the right:

Note: Though rare, a batch of Windows Updates or the installation of a new driver may revert this change, and you will see once more the menus opening on the wrong side; all you need to do to fix this problem is follow the steps we outlined above, and restore your menus to the right.

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