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Change theme in Windows 7 (Standard Windows themes)

By default, Windows 7 comes with the standard "Aero theme" enabled; but like earlier versions of Windows, you can change the theme you are using either with one of the standard themes that ship with Windows 7, or by downloading new themes from the internet. This tutorial explains how to switch theme at the basic level, using themes already installed on your computer. The theme isn't just the appearance of your program windows, taskbar, and start menu, but also things like animations, transparency, etc. For example, an easy way to make your computer faster is to switch to the Windows Classic theme, which turns off a lot of these Aero effects.


Change your Windows 7 theme

Follow these steps to use another theme for your PC:

Tip: the quickest way to access Windows 7 themes, now that you are familiar with the process, is to right-click on an empty area of your desktop, and choose "Personalize" from the context menu. This will open the same Control Panel screen from which you can change theme!

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