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Change wallpaper (desktop background) in Windows 7: picture or solid color

When all your windows are minimized, you see your desktop: by default, it shows one of the wallpapers that ship with Windows 7, but you can change your desktop background either to another image, or change wallpaper to use one of your own pictures; Windows even lets you set your desktop background to a solid color of your choice. This tutorial explains how to change wallpaper, and the next tutorial shows you how to automatically rotate wallpaper picture on your desktop.


Change wallpaper to a Windows background image

The easiest way to change your wallpaper in Windows 7 is to use one of the built-in images or pictures that ship with Windows; follow these steps to switch desktop background:

If the image does quite fit on your desktop the way you want, see how you can resize and move your desktop background. We now explain how to use one of your pictures as desktop wallpaper.

Use a custom picture as desktop wallpaper

If you want to your own pictures as desktop background instead of Windows' wallpapers, no problem:

You are done! The next section shows you how to use a solid color as desktop background; this can improve the overall performance of your computer, and helps increase a laptop's battery life.

To adjust the size and position of the picture on the desktop, learn more about your wallpaper options: Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile, and Center. This allows you to fine tune how much of the picture will be displayed, which portion of the image will be resized, etc.

Make your desktop background a solid color

To use a plain (solid) color as desktop background, follow the same steps explained above:

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