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Show multiple program windows at the same time in Windows 7 (stacked / side-by-side)

Whenever you are working with multiple documents, or several windows from the same program in Windows 7, it can be tedious to switch back and forth between all of them, even if you are using the Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut instead of clicking on each program in the taskbar. In this tutorial, we will explain a way to show multiple windows side-by-side or stacked: this allows you to see all your programs and windows on the screen at the same time.


Show windows side-by-side (vertically aligned)

Follow these steps to put vertical program windows next to one another on your screen:

Show windows stacked (horizontally aligned)

The same type of feature is also available when you prefer to have your program windows all showing as a stack on your screen (horizontally stacked, one on top of the other). 

You now know how to stack and show side-by-side programs in Windows 7, either vertically or horizontally. As mentioned earlier in this tutorial, you can stack or show side-by-side more than 2 programs at the same time, but the results are best (more usable) when you don't have to many windows showing.

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