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Prevent themes from changing your desktop icons in Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with a standard set of default icons for common desktop items like Computer ("My Computer"), Network, User (your profile folder), and Recycle Bin (full and empty, each with its own icon). When you use one of the "normal" Windows themes, like Aero or Classic, Windows 7 will use the same icons on your desktop; but when you use more fancy themes, or download third-party Windows themes, these may include customizations for your common desktop icons. To protect you from overboard custom themes changing too much the appearance of your desktop icons (which could make them hard to recognize), Windows 7 includes a way to prevent themes from modifying your desktop icons (and another tutorial explained how to restore your default desktop icons).


Protect your desktop icons from theme customization

Follow these steps to instruct Windows 7 to prevent desktop icon modifications by themes:

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