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Change the size of desktop icons in Windows 7 + create custom icon dimensions

By default, Windows 7 displays medium icons on the desktop. But you can easily change the size of desktop icons with a couple of clicks; using small icons allows you to see more files on the desktop, while large icons are easier to see, and nicer looking in some cases. This tutorial explains how to change the dimensions to one of three settings: Small icons, Medium icons, or Large icons. We will also show you a trick that allows you to resize and use custom icons sizes on your desktop.


Make your desktop icons smaller or larger (from default size of Medium)

Follow these simple steps to change the size of desktop icons in Windows 7:

To give you an idea of each of the standard icon sizes, look at the screenshot below: you are seeing the same icon on the desktop in its small, medium, and large version:

Small, medium, and large desktop icon in Windows 7

Use a custom icon size on your desktop

But Windows 7 lets you customize the desktop icons size even further, using minuscule icons to huge icons. Here is how you can create your own custom icon sizes:

Smallest desktop icon size in Windows 7 While very few Windows 7 users are likely to use the largest icon size, it is nice to have this feature available as an option - and using the smallest icon size (screenshot on the left) can be useful if you have lots of files and folders on your desktop!

Restore / reset the default icon size for your desktop

Follow these few steps to reset and revert to a standard desktop icon size:

This is all it takes to change the desktop icons' dimensions in Windows 7!

Tip: if your icons appear all of a sudden too large or too small, it is probably because you or another user has accidentally "Ctrl+scrolled" to a custom icon size.

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