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Change the "Recycle Bin" icon in Windows 7

Default Recycle Bin icons (full and empty) in Windows 7 A computer that comes preloaded with Windows 7 uses the same, default "Recycle Bin" icon we are all familiar with (the standard Windows 7 Aero theme). Unlike the default My Computer or Network icons, the Recycle Bin actually uses two distinct images: one icon to show an empty Recycle Bin, and a separate icon file to show a full Recycle Bin (that contains one or more deleted files / folders). As you'll learn in this tutorial, you can change the icons used by the Recycle Bin, and even make the empty and full Recycle Bin use the exact same icon (although it is visually helpful to know, by the icon shown, whether your Recycle Bin contains any file or not!)


Change the icon of the Recycle Bin shortcut on your desktop

Follow these steps to customize the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop and in Windows Explorer:

Note: this is all it takes to customize your Recycle Bin icons in Windows 7; if you later want to revert to the original ones, just read the following tutorial: restore your default desktop icons.

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