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Hide or show desktop icons in Windows 7

Like previous versions of Windows, desktop icons are visible by default in Windows 7: this means that when you minimize all programs and see your desktop, all icons are displayed. But you can also hide your desktop icons, and show them back again any time you want. If you accidentally hide your desktop icons, or if a prankster who has access to your computer has hidden them, this tutorial explains how to quickly and easily show your desktop icons again.

We will also show you how to hide icons from your desktop, which has two advantages: first, Windows starts faster when desktop icons are hidden, and second, hiding your icons gives you a bit more privacy in a public environment. We will close this Windows 7 tutorial with a tip that allows you to see the content of your desktop even when icons are hidden!


Show your desktop icons in Windows 7

To unhide your desktop icons in Windows 7, follow these simple steps:

Your icons are now all visible on your desktop. That's all it takes! We'll now show you how to hide icons from your desktop, a very simple procedure, just the opposite of what we just explained.

Hide icons from your desktop

Hiding desktop icons is just as easy, and you don't have to memorize any new steps:

The final section of this tutorial shows you how to access your desktop icons from within Windows Explorer, viewing your desktop as a regular folder.

Tip: View files on your desktop while icons are hidden!

When your desktop icons are hidden, you can still look at them by opening your desktop as a normal folder (directory), which is very simple:

This tip gives you the best of both worlds: the performance and privacy advantages of hiding your desktop icons on the one hand, and the ability to quickly access your desktop's content nonetheless!

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